Monday, April 27, 2009

"And Tango Makes Three" BANNED

As hard as it is to believe, a tender picture book about two male penguins raising an egg together was literally banned from a school district in North Carolina in 2006, according to this article. A few excerpts:

"And Tango Makes Three" was removed from shelves in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools after parent inquiries.

The ban came in a Nov. 30 memo from district administrators to school principals and library staff. Gorman said parents and a Republican county official had asked him about the book.

Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James, a Republican, had e-mailed Gorman to see if the district had the book. "I am opposed to any book that promotes a homosexual lifestyle to elementary school students as normal," he said.

In the memo banning the book, district officials said the book "focuses on homosexuality" and provides no vital information to primary students. "We did not believe the book would stimulate growth in ethical standards, and the book is too controversial," the memo stated.

Once publicity brought the ban to light, Gorman said it was a mistake and ordered a formal review of the book, rather than a knee-jerk banning. The result? I was unable to find the final outcome, but I'll keep digging.

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