Monday, April 27, 2009

Alexi novel BANNED in Oregon

According to R.D. Phol at The Buffalo News (Dec. 18, 2008) Sherman Alexi's novel was not only challenged but banned at a school in the Crook County School District in central Oregon.

A few quotes from the article, available start to finish -- pay-per-view -- HERE.

The Portland Oregonian and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer both reported last week that Sherman Alexie's "semi-autobiographical" coming-of-age novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, winner of the 2007 National Book Award for Young People's literature, was removed from classroom reading lists in the Crook County School District in central Oregon after one parent [Hank Moss of Prineville, OR] documented his objections to the book at a district school board meeting.

"I don't think it should be for anybody," [Moss] told the Portland Oregonian "I think it's trash. I don't think a 50-year-old ought to read it." Moss appears to have found an ally in Jeff Landaker, chairman of the Crook County school board. After examining photocopies of passages Moss found objectionable, Landaker said the book concerned him as well.

Led by Landaker's concerns, the school board issued a directive to remove the book from Crook County schools indefinitely and ordered the district superintendent to conduct an investigation of how it came to be included in the curriculum.

Did you get that? BANNED. Not challenged, but BANNED. Based on ONE parent's objections and the review of EXCERPTS plucked, out of context, from the book.

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